Name or dwelling address street city Breof Person accepting application Phone Person processing application Date that applicant or co-applicant was notified by telephone letter or in person of acceptance or nonacceptance Deadline for applicant and all co-applicants to sign lease is three days after notification of acceptance in person or by telephone five days if by mail. Name of person s who were notified at least one applicant must be notified if multiple applicants Name of owner s...
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we love the quick release program there are so many reasons to use this program you know having nationwide forms that give us the consistency to be able to do audits to be able to assure that we're all on the same page has just been a great benefit for us our company operates in 35 states so we have used clicking lease for a long time and part of it is for us to have consistency of the product not just for the residents that we work with but for our staff and our team so we can very easily go through the resident experience and Leasing process without a lot of reeducation in terms of different leases and different products that we have out there so it makes our life a lot easier we like the constant updates so once a year at na a will update the lease we don't have to have it reviewed by a panel of attorneys they let us know via email police has been updated with any new law changes in the states that we operate and we're good to go from that point forward not only does it promote consistency throughout our industry but it is also helping us go paperless and that's one of the biggest initiatives that grey star has over the next several years is to continue to go paperless so doing the right thing for the environment but also doing the right thing for our customer we trust this product implicitly and we know that the quick and lease program has been vetted by attorneys in all the states and that has given us the benefit of not having to take that out to the marketplace and have somebody take a look at it to ensure that you know our risk management has been completely satisfied in using that quicken lease program I think it just it is the credibility of the lease is the biggest thing when you are going to court there really is no pushback the judges take the na lease as the gospel and so we have no issues whatsoever in court issues and so if your you know if you're like us and you're starting a new company and you wanna you don't want to spend the money to form your own lease it's great you know with how we recommend it to anybody that's not currently using Music